The four cornerstones of IT security are of the utmost importance to us: Availiability, confidentiality, integrity and transparency of information and data. We implement these principles in exact accordance with your specific requirements. Have you considered whether your business will be able to handle the primary operations if your IT system goes down?

Would you lose customers? Is your good reputation at stake? Or will you be subject to contract penalties if you are unable to meet an agreed deadline? Protecting your system is important. This includes not only the accessibility of your data and information, but also protection against attacks from within and without, and against crashes. We assess your security and implement appropriate measures to deal with each possible risk.

Thanks to continual monitoring processes, our specialists are able to intervene immediately in the event of system failures or attacks and take the necessary steps, which ultimately ensures a high level of availability.

  • Professional data security measures
  • System failure protection
  • Stability
  • Protection against attacks
  • Data security and private sphere
  • Email encryption

IT Support

We provide IT support for Windows, Mac and Linux in the Zug and Zurich areas and in Central Switzerland. We regard it as extremely important to be able to respond and support as quickly as possible if something stops working or urgent problems arise. On the other hand, many issues can be prevented by having an IT infrastructure that is professionally implemented, regularly maintained, and continuously monitored, and by giving employees the appropriate training.

Immediate support:

When problems arise unexpectedly, we can deal with these by accessing your PC or server remotely.

Our remote solution communicates solely via our own server and is secure.

We can only access your PC with your permission.

Maintenance and guaranteed response times:
In order to ensure that your system is stable and secure, we recommend that we undertake regular maintenance. If desired, a service level agreement can be drawn up that specifies guaranteed response times.

  • Good availability
  • Rapid response time
  • Professional support
  • Remotely or on site


Do you have questions on networks, IT infrastructure, or security? Or on how to integrate new technology into your existing IT infrastructure?

To help you to arrive at a satisfactory solution for both you and your clients, we are very happy to sit around a table with all parties concerned and provide advice. The right decisions can only be made with an understanding of the issues and contextual background from the inside.

Throughout this process, it is your needs which are paramount, alongside the pursuit of a solution which is a perfect fit for the individual situation.

  • Fulfilling requirements on a long term basis
  • Solutions to suit your budget
  • Achieving goals with certainty
  • Independent advice
  • Future-proofing
  • Subsequent costs under control

Network Infrastructure

We plan and implement individual IT solutions tailored to your specific needs. Throughout the process, we are always available to answer your questions and support you, from the initial discussion of the concept, through implementation, to the maintenance of your network.

We are fully up to date with the latest developments and applications of all commonly used server and client-side software programmes. Whether you need help with the integration of a server, setting up stable and secure network connections, remote access via a VPN, or expansion of an existing network, we will be pleased to oblige.

  • Anti-virus protection
  • Network monitoring and alarm notification
  • Server systems
  • Backup solutions
  • Cloud servers
  • Email encryption

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