Working primarily for corporate clients around Zug, Zurich and central Switzerland, we offer an active and robust support service for your IT infrastructure, including independent support for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

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Our servers have to be stable and appropriately protected

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We need an IT partner who can provide support quickly


We need our IT infrastructure to be professionally planned


Our networks need to be future-proofed, fast and reliable

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    “For us, IT is all about trust. We need an IT partner whose staff who are totally committed to their work and who take responsibility. We have found this in Ender Informatics. Schelbert AG - Michael Schelbert”

    “Since handing over our entire IT needs to Ender Informatics we have been worry-free, which is a great feeling! Everything works perfectly all of the time, which means that we can concentrate on our core business. Competence, rapid response times, uncomplicated solutions – these are services which we are very happy to recommend to others. - Dr Eric Mathys / Managing Director, CompetAir GmbH”

    “Any problems that arise are solved quickly and reliably. Billing for the services they provide is always transparent and fair. - Daniel Schwerzmann, Korporation Zug”

    “Since 2013, our IT has been taken care of by Ender Informatics. We are always very impressed with how quickly they respond, and how attentive they are to us as their client. - Dr Rainer Riek, Zwicky Windlin & Partner, Solicitors and Notaries”


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    Criminals use trustworthy sender addresses to get recipients click on a malicious link and download malware. How to identify malicious e-mails: check the sender e-mail address Do not click on any links. Just hover the mous over the link and check the real link. A legitime sender uses his own domain in e-mail as well […] Read more...

    Disable Windows 10 Update

    We do not recommend updating old Windows versions to Windows 10. Update is a lot of work and you always have some risks to consider. If you stoll plan to upgrade your old Windows to Windows 10 we highly recommend to check: Are all hardware components compatible and supported by Windows 10? All installed Software […] Read more...