Case studies

We provide IT support to a very wide range of businesses and sectors: from financial services to carpenters, garages to doctors surgeries, builders to accountants to retailers.

Our clients benefit from our many years of experience, and from the IT infrastructure solutions which we have developed for a wide variety of businesses in different industry sectors.

Move to new headquarters

Blattmann und Odermatt AG

In 2015, Blattmann und Odermatt built a new factory in Morgarten, which meant that their entire IT infrastructure had to be relocated. During the construction phase it became apparent that the move would have to be staggered. Production would have to move first, followed by the administration offices four months later. Since nowadays many production machines communicate directly over the network, with data being transmitted directly to and from the server, the challenge lay in securing an uninterrupted connection and smooth operation throughout the move.

These hurdles were overcome through short-term but precise planning. An encrypted VPN connection with a specially adapted network configuration enabled communication with the production machinery that had already been relocated. A terminal server was set up immediately, which permitted a smooth workflow from both locations. As individual machines at the new location were generating substantially larger volumes of data than had been predicted in test runs, additional band width was urgently needed. This was achieved within two days, by adding a further internet connection.

The move was a success from an IT perspective. No unneccessary investments had to be made for the interim solution, and the required data were continuously accessible at both locations.

Entire network switched to a central terminal server

CompetAir GmbH, Thalwil

As is the case in many companies, the IT infrastructure of CompetAir GmbH had been growing organically over a long period of time. Certain applications, as well as important company data, were located on various individual workstations. This hampered efficient operations, and important data were not properly secured.

Our proposed solution was a central, virtual server which would operate as mail server, document and print server, and a second virtual server as a terminal server. All workstations would be equipped with maintenance-free, cost-effective Thin Clients that could be replaced without the need for installation in the event of a crash.

The concept was evaluated by the company’s IT department, and deemed to be a sensible and cost-effective solution.

Thanks to careful advance preparation, the switch was implemented within one working day. After only a few hours, most of the employees were able to work on the new system. All applications and data are now stored centrally and are fully secured. The important functions are monitored continuously, and in the event of an error, an alert is sent to the IT officers on site or to the IT service. CompetAir is also protected in the event of total system failure. Thanks to an external emergency server, the server operation can be restored within just a few hours.